Reteractable Stands

Product Description
Retractable seating is rows of seating on platforms that retract and extend. When the seating units are extended and locked, the seating is opened for use. When the retractable unit is closed, the space taken by the extended unit is then available for other functions. Retractable seating is the solution to accommodating audiences in multipurpose spaces such as halls, theaters or arenas, stadiums or places of worship where the venue space is required to be used for other purposes, at different times.

School halls 
School theatres 
Sports halls 
Conference venues 
Places of worship

Product features
-Different sizes and numbers of seats are available
-Different seats available as benches, individual seats and folding chairs
-Complete unit folds and stores compactly
-Automatic or manual operative
-Hand rails are self-storing or detachable
-All metal components received anti-rust treatment

ACT can advise and specify the best option for you. We will offer an after-sales maintenance suggestion or guidance to ensure the smooth running of the system for years to come.

 Retractable seating system with folding chair (extend)  Retractable seating system with folding chair (folded)
 Retractable seating system with molded seat  Retractable seating system with aluminum bench
 Retractable seating system with molded seat  Retractable seating system with soft folding chair

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